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Thrust Cycle Prototype
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Gyroscopes in our vehicles function as both stabilizer and mechanical capacitor.

Gyro Flywheel System Information

Gyro Stabilized Evs!
Hover at 0 mph
Less Wheels:

Superior aerodynamics
Reduced rolling resistance
Less weight

Save big $$$ in fuel costs
Recycle braking energy for extended range
Patents pending

  A Brief History Of Working Gyro Cars

What do a Russian Count, a former watchmaker, a member of the Automotive Hall of Fame, and a rocket scientist have in common? They were all gyro car pioneers.

  Latest News...

Thruscycle's Gyro Technology

High quality custom car builder Mike Vetter and his crew at The Car Factory have licensed Thrustcycle's gyro technology to build a one of a kind vehicle, designed by Bud Egger. Watch for it on the streets soon!