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Gyroscopically stabilized vehicles with KERS (patents pending)

Flywheel kinetic energy recovery system

  • Flywheel/gyroscope functions as a mechanical battery.
  • Recycle energy with Flywheel KERS instead of wasting it like standard braking.
  • Braking energy is transferred to the flywheel and stored for later acceleration. 
  • Transfer energy from the flywheel to the drive motor for quick acceleration.
  • Reduce the heavy draw on chemical batteries during acceleration.
  • Increase range.
  • Consume less power grid resources as energy is recycled.
  • Much higher energy recapture rate than current regen braking in hybrids.

Gyroscopic stabilization

  • Ability to hover at zero speed.
  • Greatly improved safety in cornering.
  • Our gyro system maintains a fixed plane in space and can be adapted to stabilize other land vehicles as well as  hovercraft, watercraft, and helicopters.




TC Prototype #2
Testing rear-wheeled steered Gyro Car